smart glass transforms

Enjoy privacy on demand, security and soundproofing in a single solution!
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Experience Privacy on demand in OFFICES

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IN ANY SEtting

Add a 'wow' factor to any space by instantly switching glass from clear to frosted!
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Any type of glass can become smart glass

Switchable glass technology can be used on operable glass windows, walls and doors.
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Smart Glass effortlessly transitions from crystal clear to frosted with the flick of a switch.
Take control of your space with privacy on demand.


MODERN Office Spaces

Switch glass from clear to frosted in conference rooms and offices. Smart glass is sound reduction glass that keeps noise out and conversations. When opaque, the glass act as a whiteboard, projection screen and much more!

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smart glass = smart homes

Turn glass from clear to private. Privacy glass is ideal for skylights, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices.

Enjoy a minimalist look and get rid of outdated curtains and blinds.

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safer Medical Facilities

Electric privacy glass acts as a barrier against pathogens and is easy to clean, making it a popular in hospitals, clinics, doctors and dental offices.

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More Security, Less Noise

Invaluable for security purposes - in the event of an emergency, smart glass becomes opaque in a fraction of a second.

Schools, governments and the military choose PDLC glass for instant privacy, soundproofing and a barrier against forced entry.

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hello privacy on demand!

Check out these videos to see how smart glass can enhance any setting.
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goodbye curtains and blinds.


Smart film turns ordinary glass into switchable glass. PDLC film is applied just like a screen protector on a smart phone and a lot of people do it themselves.

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