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Smart film is easy to install and gives spaces instant privacy and comfort. However, not all privacy films are created equal and choosing the wrong supplier can lead to disappointment. Here are important tips for choosing the right vendor.

How Smart Glass Technology Enhances Security Measures

Imagine having security, privacy and soundproofing in a single solution at a fraction of the cost. Smart Glass is laminated and tempered safety glass with privacy on demand and built-in soundproofing properties.

10 Ways Smart Glass is Revolutionizing the Way We Use Glass

Glass is one of the most overlooked architectural components- until now. Smart Glass is a breakthrough product that is changing the way we interact with glass surfaces. Discover how switchable glass technology is solving design challenges.

Impress Clients with Smart Glass Conference Rooms

Make an impact with your meeting space by using switchable glass technology. Smart glass goes from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand. Add a ‘wow’ factor to conference rooms and enjoy design freedom.

How Smart Glass improves Lockdown Procedures

Designing safe spaces that make students, staff and visitors feel secure is crucial in our modern world. However, many security measures can feel intrusive. Smart glass adds an invisible layer of security to spaces and offers privacy on demand.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Transforming Office Design

While most of the world goes into lockdown, office managers and business owners are reimagining their workspaces and preparing to reopen as lockdowns ease. Organizations are determining how they can adapt their offices to comply with social distancing rules. Glass partitions and walls allows businesses to maintain the connectivity of open concept layouts while decreasing the contamination risk associated with them.

10 Advantages of Using Smart Privacy Glass in Medical Facilities

Enhance privacy, safety and patient recovery with smart glass technology. During pandemic outbreaks such as coronavirus, the ability to easily and frequently disinfect surfaces becomes paramount in containment efforts. While privacy curtains are frequently touched and infrequently cleaned, switchable glass products can be sanitized constantly while providing privacy on demand.

Create Versatile Meeting rooms with Smart Glass technology

How can conference rooms serve as confidential meeting places without becoming disconnected from the rest of the office? With smart glass technology. Say goodbye to clumsily opening and closing curtains and blinds during important meetings and effortlessly transform your meeting space with privacy on demand.

how to install smart privacy film

Can be film installed by any one or you have to have any special knowledge to tools? Check our short video show installation of the film.

Smart Film vs. Switchable Glass: What’s the difference?

Learn more about how to make the right choice- smart glass or smart film?

Discover how Smart Glass helps create the optimal modern workplace

Smart Glass is the ultimate choice for corporate environments with the best combination of open space and privacy.

How Do I choose the best smart glass for MY upcoming project?

How to choose the best smart glass for your upcoming project. Here are five questions to ask yourself while shopping around that will help you get a handle on which brand of switchable glass is the best choice.

Smart Glass and Minimalism

For even a casual observer, the question is not really why would you want to invest in Canadian real estate but why would you not want to? You can’t drive to the office or mall without passing several large developments. Both commercial and residential development is booming. Lots of people are making money. Why not you?

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