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add an invisible layer of security with smart glass technology

Instantly transform glass from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch!


Security and safety is paramount for every building, but it’s especially crucial for schools, government offices, military settings and your own home. The ability to instantly transform glass from transparent to opaque provides privacy on demand, enhancing security procedures such as lockdowns.

Smart glass acts as a barrier against forced entry. Any type of glass can be made switchable whether it's bulletproof or fire rated. In addition to being durable, smart glass offers soundproofing properties for additional privacy.


Keep noise outside
and conversations inside

How Does Electric Privacy Glass Reduce Noise?

Laminated smart glass has multiple interlayers that stops vibrations, making smart glass an ideal solutions for quiet environments.
For additional sound proofing, double pane or triple pane windows with an air space between the two panes further minimize vibrations. This composition prevents sound leaks and helps stop the noise from vibrating through the glass.


Smart glass and film enhance security procedures


Create open, connected educational environments with privacy on demand in the event of a lockdown.

Public Spaces

Switchable glass acts as a passive security measure for vulnerable government offices, city halls and tourist hot spots.

Meeting Rooms

Keep conversations private and confidential in interrogation rooms and military and government spaces.

switchable glass makes safety easy

operate with transparency

While many security measures are obstructive and promote fear, smart film and glass allow for natural light and access to views without any compromise on security.

Maintain visibility

Smart glass eliminates the need for window coverings or solid walls, so visibility is not compromised.


Our switchable glass is built to be durable and tough. We offer optional enhancements to make your smart glass blast resistant, bulletproof, fire retardant and even more soundproof.


Electric privacy film and glass can be controlled by wall switches, buttons, remote controls, automated systems and voice command.

make ordinary glass

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