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take your glass to the next level with Smart GLASS

smart glasS = privacy 

Smart Glass is laminated safety glass, that goes from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch.
Natural light flows through open spaces without any compromise on privacy

Smart glass is ideal for conference rooms, bedrooms, glass extensions and other areas where privacy is paramount.


Hurricane Rated

Protects against strong winds and blasts.


Keep conversations private and reduce outside noise.


Eliminate traditional blinds and window coverings


Acts as a barrier against forced entry.

Popular Applications

Any kind of glass can be made switchable and used in any setting. The possibilities are endless, smart glass can be installed in framed, frameless, operable, exterior, and interior glass surfaces.

switchable glass is versatile + easy to install

Control via wall switch, voice command, or smart phone

Designed for high-traffic,
high-moisture areas
Easy to wire and install
Can be used as a whiteboard
and rear projection screen


  • - We offer wiring solutions for operable glass windows, swing doors, sliding doors and retractable glass walls
  •  - Electric privacy glass can be used in moisture prone areas
  • - Smart glass can be installed as a regular glass by any glazier
  • - Bulletproof, fire-rated, triple glazed and all other types of glass can be made switchable

Technical Data

Tempered, laminated smart glass can be customized to any shape, size, or curvature, with cutouts and notches already made. Privacy glass can be double or triple  insulated with bird friendly add-ons

What is difference between smart glass, switchable glass, dimming glass and electric glass?

There is no difference! These are all the same product that switches from transparent to opaque with a power supply. Dimmable glass is smart glass that has a dimmable controller wired to it, allowing it to slowly transform from transparent to opaque with the dimmer.

What happens when there is a power failure? Is my smart glass left clear? or opaque?

In the event of a power failure smart glass will return to its default opaque state. The glass is only clear when it is powered on, just like a lightbulb.

Does Smart Glass make any sound when it is turned on and clear?

Smart glass does not make any sound when it is turned on or off.

Does Smart Glass come in different colours or designs?

We offer various colours including pink, green, blue, yellow, grey but our most popular color is white. Please note that the tint is visible in both the transparent and opaque state, we cannot make the colours switch on and off.

What is Smart Glass?

Smart/Switchable glass consists of two layers of transparent conductive film sandwiched together with PDLC material inbetween. The film is then laminated between two pieces of glass. When electricity is applied to the film the liquid crystalsl align and the glass becomes transparent. When the power is turned off, the liquid crystals return to their normal, scattered positions and result in opacity.

What is the price range?

The price of switchable glass varies with each project because it is custom made. For budgeting purposes you can use a range of $85 to $110 per square foot.

How do I choose the right product for my project?

Smart Film

  • Ideal retrofit option that works on existing windows and glass.
  • Customized peel-and-stick technology.
  • Can be installed in less than an hour with no special equipment required.

Switchable Glass

  • Perfect for brand-new installations
  • Choose from different colours and types of glass to meet your design needs.
  • For reduced noise, choose double or triple-glazed insulation.
Test Item
Test Conditions
On (1sec) Off (1sec) 1 Million Times
High Temperature (Boil test)
70°C / 2 Hours
High Temp./ Humidity
50°C / 95RH, 14 days
Low Temperature
-20°C/ 21 days
Heat Cycle
-20°C to 70°C (1 Hrs/5000 Cycles)
Standart (for laminated glass)
Heat Resistance
Standart (for laminated glass)
Water submersed
21 days
Glass Thickness
DB Rating
9.2 mm (1/3")
4mm /1.2 / 4mm
11.2 mm (4/9")
5mm /1.2 / 5mm
13.2 mm (1/2")
6mm /1.2 / 6mm
25.2 mm (1")
12mm /1.2 / 12mm
  • Glass Color: Clear, bronze, grey, green, blue tint
  • Glass type (all laminated): Annealed (standart), Low Iron, heat/chemical strengthened, tempered, fire rated, curved, bulled resistant, tinted, mirrired
  • Thickness:
    Interior: 9.5mm, 11.5mm, 13.5mm or 15.5mm
    Door: 11.5mm or 13.5mm (all tempered)
    Exterior Flexible: Ex. 25mm insulating glass unit (IGU)
    [ 4mm Low-E outer glass + 10mm airspace + 11.5mm LC Switchable Glass™ panel]
  • Size: Standart - up to 1,800mm x 3,200mm
    Special sizes above the standart can be produced to client requirements.
  • Ratio: Maximum ratio Width:Height approx 4:1 (Whithout applying busbars top and bottom or on opposing sides)
  • Wiring: Double insulated 0.5mm² dual core flex
  • Shape: Many shapes and curved including drilled holes
  • Enviromental: Storage/Operation -10°C to 50°C
  • Size Tollerance: ± 3mm on OA size and ± 0.5mm on thickness
  • Bowing Tollerance: ± 3mm per linear meter
  • Electrical:
    Driving voltage: 48VAC or 110VAC
    Current less than 200mA/m²
    Power approx. 5watt
  • Switching time: Approx. 1/100 second at room temperature
  • Optical: 
    Transmission approx.75%
    View angle approx. 120°
    Scattering effectiveness approx. 100mm
  • Life: Greater than 10 years
  • Warranty: 3 years standard, extended warranty upon request
GLASS TYPE (All laminated): Annealed  (Standard),  Low  Iron,  heat/chemical  strengthened,  tempered, Fire rated, curved, bullet resistant, tinted, mirrored.
MAXIMUM WIDTH: 70.8"  (1800mm)
LENGTH: 150” (3810mm)
THICKNESS: Interior 1/2" standard annealed or tempered 
RESPONSE TIME 0.1sec sec
STORAGE -30 ~60 C
WIRING: Double insulated 20 AVG dual core flex.
POWER - 36V-100V AC 
FREQUENCY - 50/60Hz 
CURRENT - 0.1 amperes per 10 sqft POWER - 5 watts per 10 sqft
 SHAPE: Many shapes and curved including drilled holes
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