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with smart glass

Create modern, multifunctional living spaces

Experience design freedom like never before with switchable glass technology. Smart glass goes from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand.

Architects, interior designers and homeowners are increasingly using electric privacy glass to make spaces feel brighter, spacious and luxurious while eliminating the need for bulky curtains and blinds.


experience the smart privacy glass difference

Easy to Install

Smart glass is installed just like regular glass by any glazier. Smart Film is easily applied to existing glass as a DIY project or by film installers.


Each order of smart glass and film is made to our customers exact specifications with attention to detail. Any type and shape of glass can be made switchable.


Creates interiors exactly how you imagine them with integrated privacy and an open concept design. Switchable glass products can safely be used in bathrooms and on operable glass windows, doors and walls.

Competitive pricing

We offer quality smart glass and film products at a competitive price. Special pricing is available for orders over 200 square feet and we offer credit terms to those who qualify.

Why settle for ordinary glass
when you can have smart glass?


Smart glass maximizes natural light and minimizes heat transfer, improving energy efficiency.


Our products are easy operate and can be controlled via a wall switch, remote, home automation systems and smart phones.


Cut the clutter and enjoy unobstructed views with smart glass windows and walls.

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