The Best Options for Home Window Privacy: Why Smart Film is the Future

Windows let in natural light and open up spaces, but they can also compromise your privacy. If you want to maintain views while still controlling how much is seen inside, smart film is an innovative solution worth considering.

Smart privacy film is a special type of window film that can switch between clear and frosted by being powered on and off. It's made of two layers: a polymer layer containing suspended liquid crystals and a conductive layer. When an electric current passes through, the liquid crystals align to allow light to pass through. When turned off, the crystals scatter light to create a frosted, opaque effect.

This smart film can be applied directly to your existing windows, glass walls and doors, similar to applying a screen protector to your smartphone. Since it's a retrofit solution, it works with any window shape and is more convenient than installing shades or curtains. 

Smart privacy window film is becoming an increasingly popular choice for home window privacy. Unlike curtains or blinds which block light completely, smart film goes from clear to frosted with the flip of a switch - allowing you to control how much privacy and light you want. You get the best of both worlds: lots of natural light when you want it and privacy when you don’t.

At home, you could use smart film for a bathroom, bedroom or any other private space. Turn it on when you want privacy and off when you want a bright, open feel. The film can be controlled via remote, wall switch, button, smartphone, home automation system or even voice command. In the office or commercial buildings, it provides flexible privacy options for open office spaces or meeting rooms.

Why Smart Film Is Superior to Conventional Window Coverings

While smart film does come at a higher initial cost than traditional window treatments, it offers significant benefits in convenience, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. If you want the latest home technology to enhance your space, smart film is an innovative choice worth the investment.

The film is also a perfect option for irregularly shaped windows where curtains and blinds won't work. Smart film is also more durable than fabric window coverings and there are no cords or strings that could pose safety risks. Smart film can even double as a rear projection screen and whiteboard. Compared to curtains and blinds, smart film is a high-tech solution that offers more functionality and customization.

Controlling Smart Film

Smart film can be turned on and off via remote control, wall switch, button, smartphone, home automation system or voice command. So, you can easily adjust your privacy with the touch of a button.

How to Order Smart Film

Ordering smart privacy film is easy, all you need to do is take the measurements of the glass areas in question and send them to us to get a quote. Even if you only have ballpark measurements we should be able to give you an estimate. Contact us today to get started on your order and experience the luxury of privacy on demand.