How Much Does Smart Glass Cost?

Switchable glass is an innovative product that goes from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand. Smart glass makes any space more modern, minimalist and efficient, but what is the price of smart glass?

The price of smart glass depends on the product and the project. We offer two products: smart glass and smart film. Smart glass contains the switchable PDLC layer sandwiched between two pieces of glass. Smart film is applied to the surface of existing glass, instantly transforming it into switchable glass. Smart film is the perfect retrofit option and smart glass is ideal for new installations or replacing existing glass.

The Cost of Smart Glass

Our standard privacy glass typically costs $80-100 USD per square foot. Any type of glass can be made switchable, but the cost may increase depending on the type of glass specified (for example fire rated glass, glass with antimicrobial coatings or X-ray glass). Each piece of smart glass is manufactured to the customer’s specifications when it comes to dimensions and holes for hardware such as door handles are cut out at no additional cost.

For small orders below 40 square feet, the price may be higher- up to $130 USD per square foot. For large orders the price may be as low as $80 per square foot.

The Value of Smart Glass

In addition to offering instant privacy, smart glass has many other unique properties that regular glass does not:

Noise Reduction: The average cost of noise reduction glass is $100 per square foot. Smart glass includes these soundproofing properties at no additional cost.

Tempered & Laminated: Smart glass is tempered and laminated safety glass. Tempered glass is tougher and stronger than normal glass while laminated glass holds itself together when broken.

UV Protection: Smart glass blocks 99% of UV light.

Heat Gain Reduction: Smart glass blocks 73% of infrared radiation when frosted and 12% when transparent. IR is a source of heat gain.

Projection Screen: When opaque, smart glass can be used as a projection screen for presentations or in home theatres.

Whiteboard: When switched to frosted, electric privacy glass can be used as a whiteboard. This makes it a popular option for schools and conference rooms. 

Here is a breakdown of the value of Smart Glass versus the price:

Soundproofing: $100 per sqft

Tempered Glass: 10$ per sqft

Laminated Glass: $15 per sqft

UV  Protection: $12 per sqft

Heat Gain Reduction: $15 per sqft

Projection Screen: $10 per sqft

Whiteboard: $5 per sqft

Motorized Blinds: $50 per sqft

Total Value: $217 per sqft

Smart glass provides a total value of $217 per square foot for an average price of $100 per square foot, over 50 % less than it would cost to purchase all these benefits separately. However, If the cost of our smart glass is not within your budget, you may be interested in our smart film product.

The Cost of Smart Film

Switchable film instantly transforms any glass surface into switchable glass. The film is applied to the surface of existing glass and can be installed as a do-it-yourself project or by professional window film installers. The price of our privacy film is $25-40 USD per square foot, depending on the size of the order. For very large orders, you may be able to negotiate a bulk discount. 

Privacy film works just like smart glass and is the perfect solution for glass that has already been installed. While some companies overseas may offer smart film for less, most of these products are poorer quality films that are thinner and less durable. All of our PDLC products are manufactured in North America where we can oversee the process and control the quality.

How Smart Glass and Smart Film Save You Money

Energy Savings

Electric privacy glass and film decrease dependency on artificial light by making privacy convenient. Glass can be made transparent without needing to get up from your desk as it can be controlled via a remote, smartphone or voice command. When frosted, smart glass still allows two thirds of natural light through. These features reduce energy costs associated with artificial light and cooling.

Easier Cleaning

Both smart glass and film are cleaned just like regular glass with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. No special products or tools are required, whereas traditional curtains need to be removed to be washed or dry cleaned and dusting blinds can be time consuming. Over the years, the simplicity of maintaining switchable glass products will save you time and money.

Always In-Style

Smart glass and film will never go out of style whereas conventional window treatments may go out of fashion and become outdated. Switchable glass products are a great long-term design solution for any space.

Interested in finding out exactly how much smart glass or film will cost for your project? Contact us today for a free quote.