How Smart Glass Transforms Small Spaces

Small spaces don’t have to feel small. Nowadays, there are lots of ways to maximize any space and make it feel bigger and brighter thanks to innovative technologies such as smart glass and film. Switchable glass makes spaces multifunctional and versatile by going from clear to frosted when powered on and off.

Here are 5 ways smart glass can be used to overcome the design challenges of small spaces:

Smart Glass Windows

Curtains and blinds can be bulky and make a small space feel even smaller. Instead, opt for smart glass or smart film for your privacy needs. This will give your windows a clean, minimalist look. Smart glass is installed into window frames just like regular glass and can be installed by any glazier. Smart film is applied to existing glass, instantly transforming it into switchable glass, and can be installed by window film installers or as a DIY project.

Smart Glass Walls and Partitions

Glass interior walls and partitions are a great way to make spaces feel bigger while dividing spaces. This also allows natural light to penetrate deeper into the interior. However, many people opt for regular walls due to the privacy concerns associated with ordinary glass. With smart glass walls, privacy is not an issue- making them a popular choice in condos and offices where privacy is often desired, but not all of the time. 

Smart Glass Bathroom Enclosures

Bathrooms in small apartments and master bedrooms can feel small. One way to make bathrooms and bedrooms look larger is to have glass enclosures. Privacy is obviously a concern with bathrooms, so smart glass enclosures are the perfect solution. When in use, simply switch the glass to opaque and enjoy complete privacy. 

Smart Glass Doors

Entryways are a frequently overlooked opportunity to extend the line of vision and make your space feel bigger. Smart glass and film can be used on any operable glass surface including sliding glass doors, retractable glass walls and swing doors. We offer innovative wiring solutions designed especially for sliding doors.

Smart Glass For Soundproofing

It can be hard to control noise in small spaces, especially in shared spaces such as offices and homes. Smart glass has built-in soundproofing at no additional cost, a true bargain if you consider that noise reduction glass usually costs at least $100 per square foot. Smart glass partitions and walls can reduce noise in small offices and the common areas of your home without creating a permanent visual barrier. 

Switchable glass and film give architects, interior designers, homeowners and office managers a wide variety of options when maximizing small spaces. Smart glass adds a touch of luxury to any space and will never go out of fashion, unlike traditional window treatments.


Smart glass is a fantastic alternative to curtains and blinds. Contact us today to find out how our versatile and elegant smart glass solutions will work for your glass walls designs, interior glass partitions, windows and doors.