Today, there are many switchable glass retailers on the market offering advanced switchable glass solutions at attractive prices. However, not many suppliers can walk the talk and the cheapest options usually produce the poorest result. The company you choose to order from will impact your final outcome- but with all the options available, how do you go about choosing the right switchable glass supplier?

Suppliers vary greatly when it comes to the quality of their smart glass and film products. Understanding how to manufacture PDLC film does not mean a company will be able to customize your order to your unique requirements or provide great customer support or a warranty. 

Here are some important points for shortlisting and selecting the right privacy glass and film supplier:


There are three main indicators when it comes to the quality of smart film: haze, thickness and adhesives. The following are signs your film is low quality:

Thin or Flimsy Film: While there are many overseas companies offering factory direct prices on smart film, these films are usually very thin. This makes the film difficult to install and likely to peel. Privacy film should be thick enough so it is easy to apply to the surface of the glass under its own pressure and stays stuck along corners and edges. 

Haze: A lot of smart films give the glass a milky look when powered on, this is what we call ‘haze’. While some degree of haze is unavoidable due to the PDLC liquid crystals that give rise to the switchable effect in smart glass products, proper manufacturing techniques diminish this to the point where it is barely visible.

Adhesives: Smart film adheres to the surface of existing glass. In order to do so and to stay stuck, there must be an adhesive. A high quality, well-distributed adhesive will make the film easy to apply and prevent peeling but not be so sticky that the film is difficult to remove. 

One of the best ways to determine the quality of a privacy film is to order a sample. Contact us to order a sample of smart film today.


A company may have high quality smart film, but do they have experience? A seasoned company will have gained the know-how and expertise that comes from dealing with all kinds of customizations and installation scenarios over the years. Not only will they be able to give you answers, but also ask you the right questions to help you achieve the best outcome possible. 

Our sales team knows what questions to ask you to help you determine the best smart film solution for your project.


Each order of smart film can easily be customized and precision cut prior to shipping. Be wary of companies that want to sell you rolls or standard sized sheets of electric privacy film as you will have to cut it and attach the busbar yourself, increasing the likelihood of making a mistake. 

Smart film can be applied to any type of glass, whether it is soundproof, bulletproof, X Ray glass or polarized. The film can be smoothed across curved glass surfaces and trimmed to fit odd-shaped windows. 

‍Privacy glass can also be used on operable windows, walls and doors. Limited options is a sure sign that a company is not a top supplier of smart glass products. Switchable glass products can also be wired to work on operable glass surfaces such as windows that open and doors. Smart Privacy Glass offers discreet wiring solutions for swing doors, sliding doors and retractable glass walls. 


Smart film is easy to install, but it’s important to follow the instructions. Purchasing switchable film from an inexperienced supplier may lead to poor installation instructions and support and therefore poor results.


Electricity is required for smart film to operate. Switchable glass and film contain a PDLC (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) layer that goes from clear to frosted with the presence or absence of an electrical current. Although privacy glass is a safe, low voltage product, precautions still need to be taken when wiring smart glass and film. Privacy film can even be used in bathrooms and other moisture prone areas as long as the edges are sealed with a silicon gel. 

We provide detailed wiring instructions for every installation scenario. Choosing a subpar supplier can result in electrical hazards and ugly, visible wiring.


If a business is confident that their product is durable and as advertised, they won’t have a problem backing it with a manufacturer guarantee and warranty. Smart Privacy Glass offers warranties of up to 5 years on smart glass and a 1 year warranty on smart film.

7. Customer Service

Smart film is a custom product. Communication matters. Ordering from companies overseas can mean dealing with language barriers and time zone discrepancies. This can result in longer lead times and customization mistakes due to miscommunication and will also make the resolution process long and difficult. Smart Privacy Glass manufactures all of it’s products in Canada and distributes them across North America.

Why Choose Smart Privacy Glass?

Our industry experience combined with our premium quality smart glass and film makes us a great choice for your project. We go out of our way to make sure each project is successful. Our team is available to answer all your customization and installation questions. Contact us today for a free quote!