how to install smart privacy film

Smart Film is Quick and Simple to Install

Have you ever applied a screen protector to a smart phone? Installing smart film is a similar process, except on a larger scale. While installation can seem intimidating, our Smart Film product has been designed for do-it-yourself projects and can be installed without special training or equipment. Many of our customers successfully install privacy film themselves while others opt to hire installers.

Although many people may find that it is difficult to find an installer who is experienced with switchable film, our product is ultimately very easy to apply to existing glass and can be installed by anyone so long as they follow the instructions closely and do not hastily rush through the procedure.

Critical Steps for a Smooth Installation

A Clean Work Space

  • Prior to beginning the installation, the working environment needs to be clean and dust-free. Any airborne dust or dusty surfaces can easily contaminate the Smart Film as it is being applied. This is particularly important for applications taking place in during construction and renovation, as there is often sawdust or other debris in the air.
  • To remove dust and particulate matter from the air, spray water mist into the air an hour prior to starting the installation process.

Handle Smart Film with Care

  • Always keep smart film flat and straight. Never fold or bend the film.
  • Keep the protective liner (adhesive side) attached to the Smart Film until you are ready to begin installation. Peeling the liner off prematurely can expose the film to anything that may get stuck to it and also makes it more difficult to handle and install.
  • The protective liner on the non=adhesive side should only be peeled away after the Smart FIlm has been applied to the glass and any air bubbles have been smoothed out by a squeegee.
  • Exercise extra caution with the edges of the film to avoid delamination.
  • Do not attempt to install large pieces alone. For best results, have two or more people performing the installation to avoid strain and back injury.

Good Lighting

  • Make sure you have ample light before beginning installation. It is best to install film in even lighting conditions, such as natural light, to avoid shadows. This helps you ensure the working environment is clean and allows you to clearly see what you are doing.

Dry Installation

  • While some window films are installed with water, Smart Privacy Film is not one of those products!

Installation Tolerance for Smooth Application

  • Smart Privacy Glass recommends an installation tolerance of ⅛ of an inch or 2-3 mm each side of the measurements of the glass. This makes for an easier installation as it is difficult to align the film down to the last millimetre. The installation tolerance also allows for uneven edges along the glass frame and minimizes the likelihood that the film will need to be trimmed on site.

Wiring Smart Film

Once the smart film application is complete simply plug the electrodes into the transformer as indicated in the instructions. Any additional electrical aspects of installing smart switchable glass and film should be completed by a licensed electrician, and in compliance with all local rules and regulations when connecting wiring to a 110V power socket. Electric privacy film can be wired to work on operable glass windows, walls and doors including sliding doors, swing doors and retractable glass walls. Adjacent glass panes can be wired together and operate in unison.

Finding Smart Film Installers

Although we ship our products worldwide, we do not perform installations outside of the Greater Vancouver Area (British Columbia, Canada). If you are looking for an installer for your Smart Film the first place to look should be google or yahoo. Search results for 'smart film installers' will give you a list of companies who install window films in your local area.

Switchable glass technology is a new, innovative product, so do not be concerned if you are discussing smart film with an installer who says they have not worked with our product before. Smart film is easy to install and we will happily answer any questions your installer may have about installing our product. Simply put them in touch with us!