Create Versatile Meeting rooms with Smart Glass technology

Instantly Transform Meeting Rooms with Switchable Glass Technology

Boardrooms are an essential feature of the modern workplace and are a great opportunity for companies to showcase their expertise and win new clients. However, throughout much of the day they are not in use and sectioned off from the rest of the office.

How can conference rooms serve as confidential meeting places without becoming disconnected from the rest of the office?

The answer is smart glass technology. While many commercial interiors feature glass office partitions instead of heavy walls, there remains the issue of privacy. By designing boardrooms with integrated smart glass, you can create an open, connected office environment without any compromise on privacy.

How It Works

Smart glass and film go from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch, push of a button or voice command, providing privacy on demand. Make a statement with your conference room with dynamic switchable glass walls. When the glass is switched to opaque it can be used as a whiteboard or rear projection screen during presentations. Visitors are sure to come out of meetings with the impression that your company is innovative and leading edge.

Smart Glass or Smart Film?

Whether you are designing a new office or simply refurbishing, smart glass is the perfect option for the modern, minimalistic workplace. Smart film can be applied to existing glass to transform it into switchable glass, making it the ideal retrofit solution. This option can be very cost effective and a great solution for glass that is already installed, such as windows that form the exterior of an office building.

Smart glass can be installed by any glazier into all types of different frames, tracks and partition systems. Both switchable film and glass can be used on operable glass windows and doors, including sliding doors and folding doors.

Say goodbye to clumsily opening and closing curtains and blinds during important meetings and effortlessly transform your meeting space. You can even add a switchable logo to your smart glass design to further enhance your brand.

Ready to take your conference room to the next level?