10 Ways Smart Glass is Revolutionizing the Way We Use Glass

For centuries, glass has been more or less the same. As the demands of our spaces change and technologies evolve, so must common architectural elements like glass. In modern design, glass must do more. That's why Smart Privacy Glass has put forth innovative switchable glass products that offer enhanced privacy, security, soundproofing and control in a single solution.

Here are 10 ways smart glass is pushing the limits of what glass can do:

1. Privacy On Demand

Smart glass and film go from clear to frosted in a fraction of a second, providing instant privacy and allowing openness and privacy to co-exist in a single space. This is accomplished through the use of PDLC (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals). When the glass is powered on, the crystals align and the glass becomes clear. When the glass is switched off, the crystals randomly orient and scatter the light, resulting in opacity.  

2. Soundproofing

Sound reduction glass usually costs around  $100 per square foot and security glass retails for $50/square foot.  Smart Glass includes soundproofing for free.

3. Enhanced Security

Switchable glass adds an invisible layer of security to schools, government buildings and other vulnerable areas in the event of an emergency. The speed and ease with which smart glass surfaces become opaque is an invaluable design feature during lockdowns, blocking views and buying precious time. Panic buttons can be added specifically for these scenarios. 

Smart glass provides the benefits of security and silence built into a single product at no extra cost. Smart glass is laminated and tempered safety glass suitable for hurricane zones.

4. Health & Safety

Replace traditional curtains with electric privacy glass to eliminate the opportunity for germs to accumulate and act as a maintenance-free solution. Smart glass can be controlled contactlessly and cleaned just as easily and frequently as ordinary glass. Antimicrobial coatings can be added for hospitals, clinics and long term care centers. 

5. Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Smart glass blocks 99% of UV  and 67%  IR light, which is a source of heat gain. It can be combined with two-way mirrors, self tinting glass and other technologies to further enhance performance.

6. Modern Look

Say goodbye to awkward curtains and blinds- they are easily damaged, go out of style, are hard to clean and harbor dust and pathogens. Smart Glass instantly modernizes any space and complements minimalist designs. 

7. ‘Wow’ Factor 

Make an impact by adding switchable film or glass to conference rooms.  When the glass goes from clear to frosted during meetings clients and visitors are sure to be impressed. Smart glass can be customized to contain switchable logos, patterns or artistic designs to showcase your brand. 

8. Whiteboards and Projection Screens

Switchable glass can double as a whiteboard or projection screen. This makes PDLC products a great option for classrooms, boardrooms and living rooms. When switched to frosted, smart glass can even be used as a TV screen to create dynamic displays on storefronts or in your own home during the holidays!

9. Complete Control

Smart film and glass can be turned on and off via a wall switch, remote control, button, smartphone or voice command. Our products are compatible with most home automation systems. 

10. Flexible Installation Options

Any type of glass can be turned into smart glass through lamination or the application of smart film, whether it is bulletproof, X-Ray or fire rated glass. Smart film is applied to existing glass with a simple, do-it-yourself installation style, instantly transforming it into switchable glass. Smart glass is installed just like regular glass by any glazier. 

Switchable glass products can be installed on operable glass windows, walls and doors. We offer innovative wiring solutions for sliding doors and retractable glass walls. Each order is completely customized to the customer’s exact specifications.

Get in touch with Smart Privacy Glass to learn more about how we are making ordinary glass extraordinary.