How Smart Glass Technology Enhances Security Measures

Safety glass and smart glass are commonly thought to be mutually exclusive products. Smart Privacy Glass has combined the qualities of both types of glass to create security and privacy in a single solution.

Our switchable glass products can be combined with the most advanced ballistic, fire and attack resistant glass. If you are looking to increase security in schools, homes or the workplace Smart Glass adds several layers of protection:

Instant Privacy

Smart glass and film go from clear to frosted in a fraction of a second, making your valuables invisible from the outside and decreasing the likelihood of a break-in.

Safety Glass

Even if a break-in is attempted, Smart Glass is double glazed laminated safety glass and Smart Film adds a tough 0.4 mm thick layer of added protection to your glass, making it more difficult to break in. If the Smart Glass were to break, it would break into small pebble sized pieces that are less harmful or into a spider web pattern that adheres to the laminated PDLC layer.


Sound reduction glass usually costs up to $100 per square foot. Smart Glass includes these soundproofing properties for free and is laminated and tempered safety glass suitable for hurricane zones, providing the benefits of security and silence built into a single product.

Panic Button

Smart glass can be wired to work with a panic button, adding an invisible layer of security to schools, government buildings and other vulnerable areas in case of an emergency.

Bulletproof & Blast Resistant
Smart Glass can be made bulletproof and Smart Film can be applied to bulletproof glass. The strength and durability of Smart Glass can be enhanced to make it blast-resistant and fire-retardant.



Smart Glass makes schools safer without being intrusive. The safety features of smart glass remain invisible unless activated and can enhance lockdown procedures. As an added benefit, Smart Glass can double as a whiteboard in classrooms when switched to opaque and can be used as a rear projection screen, making classrooms truly dynamic.


Switchable Glass makes homes much more secure and can be used with home automation systems to automatically change states in the event of a security breach. Add switchable film to glass entryways, sidelights and other vulnerable areas to block a perpetrators view of belongings. Privacy glass can be controlled via a wall switch, smartphone, button, home automation system or voice command to make privacy easy rather than having to remember to go around the house and individually close all the curtains and blinds.

Government, Law Enforcement and the Military

Smart glass and film are commonly used for vulnerable areas and interrogation rooms. The ability to instantly transform glass to opaque is an invaluable feature during emergencies.


Privacy glass and film are a popular option for storefronts, ticket booths and banks. Many stores also use the glass in the opaque state to create dynamic displays.

Any type of glass can be made more secure with switchable PDLC technology. Smart Glass is ideal for new installations and areas that are not already equipped with safety glass. Smart Film is the perfect retrofit option for existing glass that does not need to be replaced, simply smooth the film over the glass to transform it into switchable glass. Get in touch with Smart Glass Country to learn more about this breakthrough product that is pushing the limits of what security glass can do.